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This is my Shoutout page. Here you will find other things you might want to see. Look for YOUR shoutout! The pictures next to your column are your photos!! If your name isn't on this page, it might be on my other page copy and paste that website into your browser if you wish to find your name and then, hit the "back" or "previous" button to return to this site. I hope you find your name!

****if you want a column in my webpage, just instant message me at xXx4 DoRy 4xXx on AIM. I am almost always on!****

Amy's Shoutout Column
March 5 2003: Hey, Amy - my sick minded best friend! You're the best wimy in the whole wide world!!
March 6, 03: hey, fitz - u doing the lip sync dance? Me, adje and lauren are. PEACE OUT
AJ's Shoutout Column
March 5, 03: hey, dude...I can't think of anything to write....KILL KATRINA (like the little rat next 2 your picture??)
March 6, 03: hey, adje...good luck in the lip sync dance!! cu saturday!
June 15, 03: wow I really haven't written in this in a while...well, I g2g!

Katie Callahan's Shoutout Column
March 5, 03: hey, person. There's nothing else to I'll write more.
March 6, 03: hey, katie..wuts up, girlfriend?? U doing the lip sync dance?? I am...with aj and lauren. well, cu round!
Lauren's Shoutout Column
March 5, 03: hey...this is my first one...can't think of anything to put. lol
March 6, 03: hey, lauren....good luck in the lip sync dance, we rule!! cu saturday!

Mudd's Shoutout Column
March 5, 2003: hey, Mudd! I will write more when I think of something else to write!
March 6, 03: hey, mudd...thanks for the bracelets...I'm sorry about the 1st one...I really liked that 1, But I like the 2nd 1, 2!! thanx!
June 15, 03: like your new pic? lol. Good idea, huh?
Courtney's Shoutout Column
March 5, 2003: Hey, Food Court - how's george? (and no, amy - if you're reading this...not that) lol. LET THE CHICKENS RING (the slot machine reminded me of james...)
Megan W's Shoutout Page
March 5, 2003: hey, meg - wut's happenin?? hey - will you go with me to a music camp this summer?? I'll show you the's called Bristol Hills. Tell me when you see the panphlet.
Mrs. Krtanjek's Shoutout Column
March 5, 2003: hi, Mrs. Krtanjek! You're one of my 2 favorite teachers in the whole wide world...and I'm not just saying that, either!! Like my little green dude I put by your comumn?? I think he's so cute!

Amelia (Meal)'s Shoutout Column
March 8, 2003: Hey, Meal - I love you! You're the best cousin in the whold wide world!! (SHEEP ROCK)

Natalie's Shoutout column
March 8, 2003: hey, natalie - wut's up? FART