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This is for all you St. Mary's people out there that remember James!!!!
What is there to say about James? The blue hair. The one shoe never tied. The Budweiser. The 3 divorces. The occasional kick from Megan. The twisted brother of his. The annoyance of Frisky. The gambling. The riches. The girlfriends. Yes, James was a simple man. And this page re-opens the doors to one of our oldest St. Mary's memories...(if I forgot anything, just IM or email me about it)

James' Single Rose
James' single rose was very important. He carried it around with him all the time hoping to attract sexy young women. But, he had a flaw. He was already married. (see "James' Family")
  James' Family
James had a somewhat odd family. It consisted of

1: James
2: James #2, James' younger brother in the Team Rocket gang
3: James' wife (3 times removed), Erika
4: his daughter Allison (2)
5: his son Jamie (2)
6: Frisky, their dog.

Erika was very aggressive and got mad at James for drinking and gambling and not being home for her. She says: "I'M SICK AND TIRED OF YOUR STUPID LIES!!!" Very sad, indeed. Allison and Jamie love their daddy. Or so everyone thinks. Hmmm... Frisky on the other hand is not James' favorite part of his family. Frisky is always playing stupid tricks and pranks on James that is always getting him mad. That's James' Family.

The Shoe Never Tied
One of James' shoes was NEVER tied. That is a complete mystery and I can't tell you why because it's a complete mystery.

James' Sensitive Chin
James had a very sensitive chin, you see. If you were to merely touch it, it would hurt him badly. Erika would torment him with it a lot. Poor Poor James.

James' Gambling and his Job at Gateway
This is also a very important column. James loved to gamble. He would always go to casinos or go to the ones on each floor of his manchain that stretched across the Canadian Border. Odd, huh? And that's how James made his money. Other than working at Gateway. He worked there late at night and he was usually the only one left at night. If you drive by the Gateway building by the highway (and I am so not kidding about this) at night, sometimes you can see just one light on. That just might be our good old friend, James.

James' Drinking
James drank Budweiser. Nothing but Budweiser. Maybe BudLight, but never any other kind of beer. That's about all I can say about James' drinking, really.

copyright 2003 - And now you know all about James!