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What's going on at HMS

HMS stands for Hamburg Middle School in case you didn't know. This is all the news around my school.

  Teachers Wow, I love almost all of my teachers this year. Last year, my favorite teachers were Mrs. Krtanjek (Science, Homeroom, LA), Mr. Tuttle (Social Studies), and Mrs. Hoepfinger (Math). This year they're Mr. Steinagle (Social Studies), Mrs. Dates (Science, Encore), Mr. Murtha (Communication Systems), Mrs. Johnston (Math), Miss Ejbisz (Homeroom, LA). Check out Mr. Steinagle's website at www.historyandtechnology.org . (Hint: for his picture, look at the guy carrying the flag...that's him)

  Music AAHH! OUR SELECT CHORUS IS GOING TO NYSSMA!!!!! =o) lol...and this time aj's in it. I have someone to talk to. WOO!!

  Other Events
-The Pie Toss was Fri. 17!! Kids paid to pie the teacher of their choice and $1 to watch. Thanks to some generous people who paid an extra dollar or 2, I got to watch this. It was very, very cool. It was on the news later that night and Mrs. Dates showed it to us in Science class. Great job, all who pied a teacher!!!

-Mr. Steinagle's History Club has started. We will be designing and constructing a display for the "Bflo Made!" exhibit and becoming junior docents at the Historical Society. It's going to be lots of fun!!

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