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Welcome to my Friends Page
This is a page made just for my friends. I have a lot of cool stuff on here, so look around!

And for all of those 7th grade HMS students...who's been sleepin in my bed?

Friends' Websites
Missy Grabowski -

Brittany Kubik:

Deven Thiel:

Inside Jokes and Memories

Fitz: "I'm Patrick Warburton, you can call me Pat!", Kron, Patrick Warburton and "The Woman", uassu, Katie C's B'Day Party (ee!), Nike (just do it), "I hate purple!", Nailpolish Remover Bottle - keep flushing the toilet, the weenie work, the dream, "do you have sugars here?", oaky, the free tattoo (mwahahaha), the juice, The Heck, Jim. See Jim run. Run Jim run!, P.S. WARBURTON!, "Marlin, I need you!", Mr. Romano, *turn head slowly with a big smile*

Missy: omg...The lady at Rite Aid, the guy on Odigo, My Pretty Pic, the awesome sleepover, Megan P's sleepover birthday parti (we stayed up all night!!), Tear Here, Dandellion, *put my head down and bang it up and down on the table*, day of the Track Meet with Mrs. Miller, the book at the library, the monki barz at my the playground by my g'ma's house, man with no shirt at the pool, the heater at the pool, sand wars at the beach, the condom in the pool, trusty steed, the unbreakable balloon, grg, man screaming, caterpillars, worms, potato bugs

Courtney: the J-he, the H-she, the H-he, James's house being built across the Canadian Border, James and Erika competing in how far across their houses went, the homies on the trampoline, the homies at my cousin's baseball game on the bleachers, our game of catch with the frisbee being Harry and Harriet at my cousin's baseball game, "HAHAHA I MADE A FUNNY!", the James smile (check out the New Realm of James page!), demand a heavy frog, "It's not safe to fly!", lo9l, the invisible ink (which dried out...grr...), "I mean I really don't *fall* understand it...", "would you like a roll?"

Meal: Taking pictures of the naked statue on the first cruise (I have pictures to prove it if u don't remember), "I know it's fun - but the batteries go, and the mechanism dies..." "FOR EVERY MEAL - "out of the bathroom, girls!", the people that we painted on the newspaper, painting our feet yellow with the paint, "you hurt my feeling", The Blossom Song, "what's a ruler?", eggs a.k.a. Blossom, sliding around on the kitchen floor, the lady at the concert, the game face, the Cannibals - "What time is it?" "dinner time!", STOP IT, Boondiggle, grainy ice cream, Forever and for Always, Nana's Bed - Like a Rock, make poses with me!, Astacio!, Mrs. Weasley lengthened her stride, bloody fart!, "I don't know, okay?", oh my - WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH!!, *guy lights lighter. It won't light. He waves it around frantically and it lights. Room catches on fire. Guy looks at lighter* STOP IT!!, Tade-Nino-Neh, the happy gasman, overgrown sardine, the honky tonk twins, fwah, the snake, Ira, fried cheese, mans, go to da play, "what is this personal care products?", Loving Stationary, "I love you, mommy", mint, noises

Mudd: don't forget the plan!!, ur sister and her bf doing u kno wut in the living room, Meal, Me, U, and the pool, visiting Mrs. Gourlay, Mrs Weiss telling us ur brother Alex is a perfect little angel (yeah right), funky gorilla, monkshin, "you don't know why you're here", the bottle, the bush, "how long is rest hour?", a glass of warm, cricket guts, mineagle

Anthony: Clayton's Dicks Inc., the slide

Clayton: the pig, stop taking notes on my existence!, the rapid change of subject, Tommy T-Shit, adobe, Claythorn

Brent: *punch* dude!, the fart, Miss Christy (make her a Mrs., won't you?)

Ryan H.: "There's no eggs. Dear."

Zack C.: Wonder Balls, Maxaroni

If I forgot any memories, tell me and I will post them!! =o)

Friends Page