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My favorite links!
These are some of my favorite links. They have alot of cool stuff in them. HAVE FUN! =o)

Click here to go to google.com!

Friends' Pages
AJ's page This is my friend AJ's page!
My Jazz Page This is my other jazz page. I hope you like it!
My cousin's page This is my cousin's page!
Amy's Page This is my best friend, Amy's page on AOL Hometown.

Favorite Sites
Neopets Create your own virtual pet and pplay with it! It's absolutely FREE!
my other Jimmy Homepage my other page.......not as good as this one
aol.com get AIM.....and other junk
Comet Cursors mycometcursor.com - get the library full of I think over 4000 cursors you don't even have to download! Just download the library and you're ready to go!
nickelodeon this is nick.com....a really kool site
sattelite goddard somebody else's webpage......more Jimmy Neutron info
my continuing page This is the page that continues this one because I ran out of room on this site.
my cousin's page This is my cousin's page!
GAMEHOUSE Gamehouse.com - lots of cool arcade games! play the free demos and skip to www.yahoo.com and find games for more fun!