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Welcome to my Gallery!
These are just a few pictures I really like. I hope you think the same thing! (they're mostly FN, but that's okay...)

Dory and Marlin in the Jellyfish Forest

Unanimated Yellow Tang (Bubbles)


Dory and Marlin

Another Shot of Dory and Marlin in the Jellyfish Forest

Nemo's First Day of School

Nigel Flying Dory and Marlin Away From the Seagulls

Dory, Marlin, and Crush Riding the EAC

Sydney Harbor

Marlin and Coral in the Anemone

Nemo and the Tank Gang

Andrew Stanton


Crush and Squirt

Dory Speaking Whale

Dory, Marlin, and the Sharks

Finding Nemo Logo

Nigel (hahaha - I like this picture)

Attack of the Lantern Fish

The Light (omg I LOVE this picture...everyone who's seen this has loved this too)

Finding Nemo Logo With Marlin and Dory

Dory and Marlin (aww this picture is so cute)

Nemo (aww this one's cute, too!)

Riding the EAC Again With Crush

Marlin, Dory, and the School of Fish


Cute Little Innocent Dory (but at night she's a deamon)

Dory and Marlin in Sydney Harbor

Coming Soon

Coming Soon